Interior Design Staff

Elizabeth Jakubowski 

Interior Architect

Elizabeth’s work is most successful when it goes unnoticed—when an electrical outlet appears just where you need it or when you move from a foyer toward the living space as if an unexplained force is inviting you in and pulling you forward. Fortunately for everyone her personal presence is anything but invisible. Her keen abilities may enhance every room she designs, but her cheerful disposition truly lightens every room she inhabits. As one of her coworkers describes her: “a beautiful soul with a steel-trap mind.”

  • Bachelor of Science in Interior Design, Kansas State University
  • Auburn University Interior Architecture Program

Theresa Bishopp

Interior Designer

Artist, chef, world traveler, a woman who once camouflaged herself on a photo shoot in a dress she made from leftover bedspread fabric, Theresa possesses creative powers surpassed only by her ability to instantly become your confidante, your therapist, that person you don’t know how you got by without knowing. And all that listening’s not for show. It may quickly seem that she knows you better than you know yourself, as she’s able to capture everything that shines about you into details as subtle as the fringe on a pillow. Renaissance woman meets fairy godmother.

Heather Allison

Interior Designer

Meet Heather and take a sigh of relief. Any indecision about style or color, any anxiety about how all the pieces are going to fit together, it all simply melts away on contact. You know at once you’re in exceptional hands. She’s going to put together the interior you’ve always dreamed of—only maybe more cohesive, more inviting, more vibrant than you even envisioned—and along the way make you feel like the whole process has been a stroll down the beach. She’s got insight that makes even the best ideas better, humor that puts everything in its proper place, and super-high standards of design and execution. Think over-achiever with a heart of gold.

  • Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design, Winthrop University
  • University of South Carolina, College of Arts and Sciences

Sara Ann Rolfes

Interior Designer

Sara once turned reclaimed shelves from a library in Connecticut into trophy cases for luxury horse stables in Mexico. She has a flair for the dramatic that way (she was originally a theater major), but this coupled with her magnetic personality works in everyone’s favor and to everyone’s delight. She brings her clients’ interiors to life the same way an actor inhabits a role, by mastering the layers and textures of her client’s personality and energy as well as executing those barely perceptible details that make the end result absolutely genuine and something you don’t want to take your eyes off of, rooms that have a soul and a backstory. She’s funny, fun, and loves a creative challenge.

  • Associate in Applied Science in Interior Design, Fashion Institute of Technology
  • Bachelor of Arts in Theater, College of Charleston