Interiors Services

So often these are the key components to creating a successful home. We approach each project by discussing the lifestyle needs of our client, and reviewing how the interior architecture can enhance the home. We study the volumes of interior spaces and the transitions between spaces, and then develop materials and details that compliment the overall architecture. Our goal with every client is to create a comfortable and beautiful home that reflects their personal preferences regarding style, budget, and elegance.

Team Consultation

As the architectural design begins to develop, it will be necessary for the Owner to meet with the Interiors Team to establish a general direction and style for the home's interiors. Budgetary factors should be discussed and outlined and a schedule for integrating all of the interiors decisions into the construction process will be developed. Preliminary discussions regarding the Interior Architecture and Interior Design processes will help facilitate the space planning portion of the design process. 

Space Planning

Well-designed spaces allow for easy movement and traffic flow throughout the home, while making the best use of existing and new furniture pieces, rugs, art, etc. We will review the Owners existing furnishings, and place them into the furniture plan to achieve the desired maximum effect. Each space will be beautiful and functional, and respect the architecture and setting of the home. 

Interior Architecture

I/A facilitates the confluence of the home's architecture with its livability and aesthetics. As designers, we strive to understand your design goals and to ensure that we carry the intended architectural style throughout the interior of the home. We will study how you plan to live in the and use the interior spaces as well as the transitions between the interior spaces and the exterior living areas. We will then select the appropriate materials and fixtures to be used in the home, and design the details that will best achieve a beautiful, comfortable, and well balanced home. 


The materials, finishes and fixtures installed in your home are critical to the overall livability and visual enjoyment of the spaces. Lighting, plumbing, appliances, tile and stone, flooring materials, paint colors and hardware are all part of the Selections Process. All of these pieces need to harmonize with each other as well as respect the home's interior trim details, and also best reflect the owner's tastes.

Interior Design

This is the final step in the home's design process and is the summation of the Owner's wishes for how they want to live in their new home. ID includes all of the furnishings, accessories, floor and wall treatments, artwork, etc. necessary to complete the home. 

Furnishings and Accessories

This is a collaborative process whereby we work with you to make design decisions that are both compatible with your individual tastes and complimentary to the interior and exterior styling of the home. As your interior designers, we will work with you to select finishes, colors, furnishings and other interior treatments that coordinate the overall palette of the home, and make for a truly comfortable space that reflects you and your family. 


You've spent months and years planning your dream home, and now it's time to move in! We will provide all of the coordination between the receiving warehouse, delivery personnel, and various vendors providing your home's furnishings. We arrange all rugs, furniture and accessories, coordinate window treatment installation and wash all of the bed linens and towels. We put wall of the dishes away and make the beds. We hang all of your artwork and arrange your pillows, throws, books, plants, photos, and knick-knacks. We can also arrange to have dinner and wine ready for you on your first night's stay.

Concierge Services

Now that your dream home is complete, it's time to make memories in it! When you come to town to spend time with your family, trust those who know your home as well as you do to insure it is set up and ready for you to just show up and enjoy! We offer the following services to insure that your time is well spend - with those you love.

Provision shopping and stocking : Food, wine, paper products, etc.

Linens and toiletries set up : Beds made, towels out, shampoo and soap in the showers, lotion on the vanity, etc.

Flowers and candles : Fresh and beautiful

Beach set-up : Umbrellas and chairs for the duration of your stay

Playpen, crib and baby furnishings and supplies

Games, bikes, surf boards, books

Pre-made dinners

Reservations at local restaurants

Event coordination : Weddings, birthday, graduation or anniversary celebrations

Real Estate Services

Home staging