Architects and Designers

We’re a diverse group of architects and designers, each with unique talents and points of view that we bring to every project. We do share some things in common: a love for life by the water, for our families, and for the collaborative creative process that goes on every day in our design house by the ocean. For all the joy we bring to what we do, we take our work and the hopes and dreams of our clients very seriously. It’s a thrill and a privilege to get to know our clients and then go about making them a home that celebrates all the things and people that are important to them. For us, creating your dream house really is our dream job, and we feel very fortunate.

Steve Herlong

AIA Architect, Design Principal    

People like being around Steve. He’s genuine, he’s friendly, and he’s a lot like the homes he designs: he has this beachy-cool laid-back vibe about him that makes you feel comfortable and welcome, that makes you feel like loosening your tie and settling in to enjoy the ocean breezes and a cold beer. And yet within this refined beach bum persona dwells a true artist and a dedicated professional. He has a sailor’s sixth sense of the tides, the sun, the moon, and the way the wind blows, and he applies this sense to every home he designs. He understands why you want to live on the coast, and once he gets to know you and your homesite he creates a home that brings all those reasons to mind every morning when you wake up, every time you entertain your friends and family, and every time you step out onto your porch and think to yourself, “This is the life.”

  • Bachelor of Arts in Design, Clemson University
  • American Institute of Architects
  • AIA Custom Residential Architects Network
  • Design Review Board of Sullivan’s Island

Jim Henshaw

AIA Architect, Managing Principal

If you ask Jim how he stays so calm while making sure every single thing that needs to happen at Herlong & Associates happens, he’ll most likely cite his duck mantra: looking cool and smooth on the surface while underneath his legs are paddling steadily. But we think he’s just trying to downplay his super-human capabilities. We’re pretty sure he never sweats, swears, or sleeps past his alarm. His careful bearing, quiet humor, and brilliant business sense keep everything running smoothly and everyone working well together to create the best homes around. He’s also the brains and creative muscle behind Flatfish Island Designs and Sandlapper Designs, which serve to expand the firm’s reach to a greater audience.

  • Bachelor of Architecture, Virginia Tech
  • Darla Moore School of Business at the University of South Carolina
  • American Institute of Architects
  • National Council of Architectural Review Boards Certification
  • AIA Custom Residential Architects Network

Bronwyn Lurkin

AIA Architect, Principal

 What Bronwyn does—multi-task with masterful focus, keep things moving forward with absolute efficiency, make sure every step of the design process speaks to the client’s personal journey and goals—doesn’t really do Bronwyn justice. It’s how she does it all that clients and coworkers appreciate, the gentle yet confident way she has about her that seems to reach out and say, “Let me help you [fill in the blank here: build your dream house? change the world?].”

  • Master of Architecture, Syracuse University
  • Bachelor of Arts in Historic Preservation, University of Connecticut
  • Virginia Tech School of Architecture and Design
  • AIA Custom Residential Architects Network

James Selvitelli


Don’t let the stuffed shark in his office—long story—or his office nickname “Beast” skew your first impression of James. You won’t be around him long before you experience his penchant for finding the positive in every situation, his quietly hilarious demeanor, or his thoughtful way of listening and then almost as if out of thin air creating the perfect solution that makes his clients, his coworkers, and even consultants and contractors downright happy.

  • Bachelor of Architecture, Cornell University
  • National Council of Architectural Review Boards Certification
  • United States Green Building Council LEED Accredited Professional
  • AIA Custom Residential Architects Network

Rodd Heinlen

Project Architect

If you’re looking for Rodd, listen out for wherever the laughter is coming from. He lightens any mood and reduces any complication through his quick wit and his calm cool way of getting things done. He manages the design process and its multiple facets to flawless fruition, leaving coworkers, clients, and the homes he works on supremely happier and better for the entire experience.

  • Bachelor of Architecture, University of Idaho
  • Bachelor of Science in Marketing, Florida State University
  • Parsons School of Design

Layne Nelson

Regional Director, Caribbean Operations

Layne Nelson has been in the architecture and design business at Herlong & Associates for more than fifteen years, developing the interior architecture specialty within our office, and since 2007  she has focused on our work out of our St. Kitts  office.  She divides her time between St. Kitts and Charleston. Her number one priority is representing clients and their interests, which she accomplishes through excellent communication skills, architectural talent, and extremely high attention to detail. She leaves no item to chance, no question unanswered. She immediately connects with clients from around the world and is able to translate their goals and hopes into island homes they may never want to leave. She takes her work and her relationships with clients very seriously and always goes beyond what’s expected to deliver the most fabulous result possible. 

  • Bachelor of Arts, College of Charleston

Elizabeth Jakubowski

Interior Architect

Elizabeth’s work is most successful when it goes unnoticed—when an electrical outlet appears just where you need it or when you move from a foyer toward the living space as if an unexplained force is inviting you in and pulling you forward. Fortunately for everyone her personal presence is anything but invisible. Her keen abilities may enhance every room she designs, but her cheerful disposition truly lightens every room she inhabits. As one of her coworkers describes her: “a beautiful soul with a steel-trap mind.”

  • Bachelor of Science in Interior Design, Kansas State University
  • Auburn University Interior Architecture Program

John Romano

Project Architect, AIA, LEED AP

They say it’s the quiet ones you should watch out for, and we’ve wondered if John might have a secret identity. Though tight-lipped, he’s incredibly nice and always finding ways to contribute, so we’re assuming he’s on the side of the good guys. His keen intelligence and his ability to see ideas, plans, and conundrums from all angles have transformed problems into ideas of genius and turned frustrated hair-pulling architects back into artists of Zen.

  • Bachelor of Architecture, Syracuse University School of Architecture
  • AIA Custom Residential Architects Network
  • United States Green Building Council LEED Accredited Professional

Charlie Miraziz

Project Manager

He travels the globe. He fishes, plays soccer, rebuilds VW’s, draws, paints, makes short films, cooks—the man just may be the Most Interesting Man in the World’s much younger brother. His infectious passion and talent for design, however, trump all the rest, and these he combines with a genuine smile, an eagerness to help and learn, a serious work ethic, and the fact that he’s a really snazzy dresser. We like this guy.

  • Bachelor of Arts in Architecture, Clemson University
  • American Institute of Architects
  • AIA Custom Residential Architects Network

Leah Thompson

Office Manager

Meet our statistical guru: part mathematical whiz, part comedienne, Leah get's down to business when it comes to accounting, while lightening the mood with her infectious smile and quick wit. When she’s not chasing after her four-going-on-sixteen year old daughter, Leah is busy at work, crunching numbers and keeping us all in line behind the scenes. Don’t let her calm demeanor fool you though; we hear she's a wild child at heart, and let's be honest, we love someone who knows how to work hard while having a good time along the way.

  • Bachelor of Science in Statistics, University of Georgia
  • Masters of Business in Accounting, Brenau University

Eliza Collins

Marketing Coordinator - Receptionist

Since bringing the sea breezes indoors is a trademark of our designs, it’s no wonder we have our own resident breath of fresh air to welcome our clients and bring to life our social media and marketing activities. An island native with a talent for photography, keen artistic eye, and effortless good taste, Eliza fits right in with our creative tribe. She’s got style plus substance and a quiet confidence that radiates beach-chill calm.

  • Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art, College of Charleston