Beach Cottage with Style

"Dear Steve, This seems a good moment to thank you and your firm for all the help you have given us over the past few years. Your work for us has been across the board: design of new structure; design of extensive renovations of three older homes; representation before the Design Review Board; supervision of contractors, both highly experienced and not so much; and interior work. Have I left anything out? I think not. Great results have been achieved at each step of the way. We couldn’t be more pleased. At each phase of your firm’s work, you have been closely involved without having to front everything. Your colleagues have all performed wonderfully, both in terms of results achieved as well, as in terms of the timeliness of production – even when things were a little busier than they are today. And I think you have performed that most difficult of tricks – knowing when and how to offer up your own ideas to build upon what your client has offered up, so that when the dust settles, it’s their house. Good work. Keep it up."

-Suzan and Stephen Zoukis