Architectural Design Process

Architectural Design Process

The Site. Our architects walk the site, take in the view, spend some time soaking up the spirit of the place. Where does the sun rise and set? How do the breezes blow? How can the architecture and design best take advantage of the surroundings to enhance every day for the people who will live there?

The Spark. We meet and get to know one another. You share your architectural and design vision, including photographs, drawings, magazine clippings, or other inspiration. We want to know how you live. How you entertain. How you envision life in your new home.

The Budget. Unlike some firms, this is not a topic we shy away from. We can show you completed homes at standard, medium, and higher price points, pointing out the architectural details and features that drive costs so that we can help you make your priorities accordingly.

The Concept. Ideas begin to coalesce in conceptual drawings as you and the design team fine-tune your vision. Project architects, interior architects, and interior designers are already joining the conversation, this early collaboration helping create a harmony between the exterior and interior to give an air of wholeness and thoughtfulness throughout the home.

The Plan. Sketches become plans as the design team collaborates to finalize details. Interior designers meet with clients to develop interior design plans and selections. Details become clearer, and project architects, interior architects, and interior designers assist you with decisions.

The Construction. Project architects and the design team coordinate with builders, subcontractors, consultants, and suppliers to make sure construction quality matches the design. Interior designers help you make final selections on finishes and furnishings.

The Finishes. The interior design team installs the furnishings and finishes. The home you’ve been dreaming of begins to become real.

The Homecoming. Porches are ready for sitting and sipping, the kitchen set for a party or simply your morning coffee. You become our neighbor, and your dream becomes your home.